Friday, 30 June 2017

Tree Island is a perfect destination for sea kayakers in the Comox, B.C. area

By Keith and Heather Nicol

Approaching well named Tree Island
     Tree Island is located off the northern tip of Denman Island and makes a perfect half day paddle (or longer if you plan to explore the island or want to linger). We do the trip on an annual basis and usually launch at the Union Bay Boat launch.  This makes it easy to launch your kayak and there is a large car park for your vehicle (gps coordinates are:  10 U 0363691 E 5494107 N). Be sure to drop your launch fee money in the box. From here you can’t quite see Tree Island but as soon as you take a few paddle strokes out of the harbour it looms 4.4 km in the distance. Since it is an open water crossing you want to factor in the weather and wave conditions and be competent at doing a self rescue if you run into trouble. 

We appreciate the shell beach on Tree Island

      On Thursday June 29 the wind forecast was light NE winds which made for a very pleasant trip to Tree Island since the breeze was in our face keeping us cool. Although temperatures were forecast for the low 20’s C the following wind made it quite warm on the return trip. Be sure to bring water! We saw very little wild life in terms of birds or seals but we had fine views of the snow capped Beaufort Range and we love the shell beach on Tree Island. We had a lunch break for about an hour before paddling back to Union Bay. All about 1 hour each way for paddling depending on wind and wave conditions. 
Heather approaching the launch point at Union Bay with snow capped mountains behind

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