Saturday, 4 October 2014

Take a trip with Marine Atlantic to see Newfoundland’s best fall colours

by Keith and Heather Nicol
   Every fall several cruise ship itineraries include Corner Brook as a port of call so that passengers can see the fall splendor in Newfoundland. These cruise ships often travel between Quebec City and Boston and make several stops so that passengers can see the best fall colours in each province or state. And generally Corner Brook is their main stop in Newfoundland since this part of the province has scenic fall colours. But you don’t have to take an expensive cruise ship to Newfoundland to see this autumn brilliance. You can simply board a Marine Atlantic ferry from North Sidney to Port aux Basques and then drive north for 2.5 hours to Corner Brook and the Humber Valley. Here you can easily create your own itinerary and depending on your interest you can explore by car, foot , bicycle and even by kayak. 

Corner Brook and Humber Arm from the Quarry Lookout trail
    One of our favourite fall trips involves a trip down the Humber River by canoe or sea kayak. The river is easy to navigate and the birch trees that line the shore make for a colourful autumn paddle.  
A paddle down the Humber River is spectacular in the fall
 We also love biking in the fall and there are various trails near Marble Mountain that are well worth exploring. Also nearby are tree lined back roads near the community of Little Rapids that are ideal biking for the whole family. 
Cycling near Marble Mountain
      We recommend hiking as another great way to see the views in the Corner Brook – Humber Valley area. You can hike trails that give fine views of Corner Brook and Humber Arm or others that take you past vast stands of yellow birches. No matter how you travel, fall peaks in this area by mid October so don’t delay if you want to see the colours at their peak. For more information on Marine Atlantic see:
Hiking in the Humber Valley is especially scenic in autumn