Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Eagles put on a fine show on latest sea kayak trip to Pt Holmes

By Keith and Heather Nicol
There is a nice sandy section east of the boat launch
     It has been a late start to the sea kayaking season for us. This has been in part due to the cool spring and early summer and also because we have been recently traveling out of the country taking in our niece`s wedding in Italy and touring Tuscany for 2 weeks.  However we finally got out on June 12 and headed to the point and around toward Kay Bay. We were surprised to see little seal activity or bird life but that would change as we as turned around and paddled to a sandy beach for a stretch and to enjoy the sunny warm weather. Although much of this section of shoreline is quite cobbly at lower tides there is a small section of sandy beach east of the boat launch which is useful to know about if you want a relaxing place to come ashore. 

We like paddling in this area for the views of mountains across Georgia Strait
  Soon after we launched from the sandy beach we saw an eagle perched on a rock and it let us approach to within a few meters and then as we returned to the boat launch ramp we saw a swarm of gulls squawking at the water`s edge. We also saw about 10 eagles diving toward them diving and swooping. It turned out someone had just dumped some fish entrails off at the edge of the boat launch and the birds were having a free lunch. The take out area is not that wide and so as we pulled in the eagles were reluctant to leave so we had a perfect view of the eagles fighting over the scraps with the gulls darting in when they thought it was safe.  We have kayaked at Point Holmes on many occasions but never had this sort of eagle viewing as we loaded our boats onto the car. My only complaint was that I didn`t have my DSLR camera and had only brought my small waterproof camera. Next time!!  For those people new to this area Point Holmes is a good place to launch since they have a boat launch which means that you can kayak on just about any tide level. Be sure to drop your money for launching in the box to help pay for this convenient facility. The boat launch is on Lazo Road near the Southwind Road intersection. 
We were met by lots of eagles at the boat launch

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