Sunday, 25 June 2017

Spectacular evening Paddle from Pt Holmes to Air Force Beach

 Heather setting off in flat calm conditions 

By Keith and Heather Nicol
    On Saturday, June 24 we decided to do an evening paddle since the weather was suppose to be very hot through the day. We were glad we headed out at 6:30 pm or so since by now the sun was getting lower in the sky although temperatures were still about 27 C. Another bonus about heading out at this time was that high tide was for 7:30 pm and it was over 5 meters making for very easy launching at the Pt Holmes boat launch. This meant we could paddle along the shore without interference from shoals and reefs that can affect paddling in this area at lower tides.  There were lots of other kayakers and stand up paddle boarders out as well enjoying the virtually flat calm conditions. We turned north after clearing Cape Lazo and then set our sights for Air Force Beach which is on a section of beautiful sandy beach. 
The high cirrus clouds really made the blue sky standout

  It took us about 50 minutes to paddle the 4.2 km to Air Force Beach and we enjoyed fine views of the Salish Sea and the mountains of the BC mainland in the distance which still held some of last winter’s snow. The high cirrus clouds made for an photogenic backdrop.  We had a quick stretch on the beach and then paddled back to our launch point. We saw little bird life or marine life which was somewhat surprising since we know there are usually lots of birds and seals in this area. The very high tide might have had something to do with it since often in this area seals like to haul out on offshore rocks or shoals which were now under water. So we had to be content with the fine scenery and perfect paddling conditions. So think about an evening paddle as we get warmer summer temperatures. Pt Holmes is located on Lazo Road in Comox and there is a large parking area with benches and picnic tables to enjoy before or after a sea kayak trip.

We saw several other paddlers and standup paddle boarders

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