Tuesday, 3 July 2012

TNL’s “The Fly Fisher’s Companion” strikes gold

by Keith and Heather Nicol
        Theatre Newfoundland Labrador (TNL) is back in Cow Head and they are performing several new plays for the summer 2012 season.  We recently saw “The Fly Fisher’s Companion” and would recommend this play to anyone since although it deals with salmon fishing, its main theme is the changing face of friendship. The play follows Wes (played by Michael Chaisson) and Don (performed by John Dartt) as they gear up to go salmon fishing from a cabin they built together many years ago. It is likely their last fishing trip together and their dialogue ranges from hilarious to heartfelt as they recall past fishing trips and wrestle with telling each other unspoken memories from times past. The set is very effective and they even cook up bacon and a fish on the cabin’s old stove.  The play is set on the Margaree River which is a well known salmon river in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Salmon fishermen will appreciate the imagery associated with casting a line on a rippling stream but everyone can relate to how friendship can fade and be rejuvenated. For more information on this play and other TNL productions this summer see: www.theatrenewfoundland.com
Wes (right) shows Don a new fly

       Salmon are big in Newfoundland and we have many important salmon rivers in this province. Western Newfoundland is particularly well blessed and the Humber River regularly produces the largest salmon caught by fly fishermen in the province. Another huge thrill is to be able to see salmon jumping at Big Falls on the Humber River. This is a very popular spot for fishermen or anyone wanting to photograph salmon. Big Falls is located at Sir Richard Squares Provincial Park near Deer Lake and was the first provincial park to be created in the province. As well you can view salmon at the Torrent River Salmon Interpretation Centre in Hawkes Bay which is 100 kilometers north of Cow Head on Highway 430.  This is a great facility and we suggest a visit there for anyone interested in seeing salmon and learning about their fascinating life cycle. Salmon are currently going up the fishway and the interpretation centre has an underwater viewing area so you can see them up close! Last year, almost 3000 salmon went past the fishway.  For more information see: http://torrentriver.ca/ 
The underwater viewing area at the Torrent River Salmon Interpretation Centre is great for seeing salmon

A salmon jumping at Big Falls on the Humber River


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