Friday, 22 June 2012

Hiking the Squamish Chief

by Keith and Heather Nicol
         Although the weather for our June 2012 visit to the Vancouver – Victoria area had not been the sunshine and warm temperatures that we had hoped for we did get a stellar day for our final full day. So we decided to head to the Squamish Chief for a hike. 
Nearing the top with Howe Sound in the distance
         For those that know this area north of Vancouver enroute to Whistler, it is an area of bold cliffs and impressive views that is a favourite of rock climbers from around the world. But we took the hiking trail up the back of the mountain to the first peak and it was our first time to this summit. 
Lunch on the summit with Squamish in the background
      One nice aspect of this hike is that it takes just about an hour to climb the 3 km trail to the first peak but it is a real work out just the same. The trail climbs steeply from the start and there are lots of sets of wooden and rock stairs all the way up. We enjoyed the fabulous views of Howe Sound and the community of Squamish with Mt. Garibaldi behind it. 
Some of the steeper sections have chains and ladders

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  1. We all did that hike in '98. I think I may still be a bit sore...