Monday, 23 July 2012

Don’t miss Theatre Newfoundland Labrador’s “Newfoundland Vinyl” in Cow Head

by Keith and Heather Nicol

A scene from "Vinyl"
       We think Theatre Newfoundland Labrador’s new show “Newfoundland Vinyl” is a must see for those people who are interested in Newfoundland music from the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. The backstory for the show is that Gros Morne Theatre Festival regulars “Ed and Ed” are throwing a musical fundraiser – for themselves!  The music has a definite country flavour and includes hits made popular by A. Frank Willis, Roy Payne, Joan Morrissey, Harry Hibbs and Tom Cahill. The talented Allison Crowe from Corner Brook does a fabulous job as musical director and she told us that she wasn’t alive in the 1960-70’s and is from Nanaimo, B.C. to boot!  But by scouring you tube videos and immersing herself in the music of that era she came up with her top 21 ‘play list’. The young cast does an amazing job singing songs while playing a host of instruments. It is a credit to director Jeff Pitcher that he has attracted a group of performers that can sing and play great music one night and then act in a dramatic play the next evening. This show is one that is likely to sell out early so we suggest that you book your tickets in advance. For more information on this performance and other TNL productions this summer see:

      If you want a full day of exploring and learning about Cow Head, Newfoundland then check out the new “Home Spun Yarns” tour.  It starts with a visit to the oldest museum in Western Newfoundland where we learned about some of the people who settled Cow Head and how they lived in summer and winter along this rugged coast.  From there a walking tour of the Cow Head Peninsula took us along an amazing shoreline, up to a lighthouse built in 1909 and to two lookout platforms. This 1.5 km trail is easily walked by most people and be sure to bring your camera for the views and wildflowers. Next is lunch at the Back Cove Café where we enjoyed moose stew, fresh bread and homemade dessert. At the café we met knitter Linda Payne who showed us some of the many socks, mitts and sweaters she has knit and she demonstrated how to knit a pair of slippers with 4 needles!  For the final stop we traveled just outside of Cow Head to visit Linda’s son, Felix Payne and his 2 dozen sheep. Felix supplies Linda with the wool that she uses for her knitting. Your tour package also includes a ticket to Theatre Newfoundland Labrador’s new musical show” Newfoundland Vinyl” and after the show you get to meet and chat with the performers. The “Home Spun Yarns” Tour is a fine way to experience the great coastal scenery, food and history of Cow Head followed by a superb musical tribute to the “vinyl” era of Newfoundland music. Remember you have to book you Home Spun Yarns Package a week in advance (ph 1-877-243-2899).   It is available on Tuesdays and Fridays until Sept. 2, 2012. 

From one of the lookout platforms on the Home Spun Yarns Tour

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