Thursday, 30 July 2015

WildPlay Elements Park in Victoria is a great family outing!

by Keith and Heather Nicol
    When my sister Jan and her son Zander came to Victoria, B.C. to visit we asked them if they had ever been to an adventure park with cable bridges and ziplines. When they told us they had not we decided to check out WildPlay Elements Park on Monday, July 27. It turns out that Wild Play has locations in many cities in B.C. as well as outside the province. The facility in Victoria has 2 components- a Monkido adventure course which has various levels of difficulty and includes various aerial obstacle games  and ziplines which are suspended between tall rainforest trees. We opted to do the classic Monkido course and the What’s to Fear jump (WTF) from an elevated 40 foot platform. They also have an extreme course and a course designed for younger children which seemed to be very popular the day we were there. 
Zander on the "green" Monkido course
    After signing waivers and being outfitted with harnesses we were taken through a short test course to demonstrate how to use the equipment.  The idea is that by using a climbing harness and carabiner clipping system you are always attached to a cable so should you fall off of a platform or “wobbly” suspended obstacle you won’t fall very far. The idea is to control the risk so that you can try balancing on ropes and swinging logs at heights you would never attempt without being attached to a safety cable. The obstacles start out easy and close to the ground and at the end of the first course you have the option of walking down a small ladder to the ground or carrying on. The next course is typically 20-30 feet above the ground and the obstacles become more difficult and Jan and Zander opted to end their day at this level. The 3rd level is now typically 30-40 feet above the ground and the obstacles demand more balance and arm strength to negotiate. Wild Play also has an extreme course which I plan to do the next time we go to this facility. 
The ziplines allow you to fly through the trees
  The final activity that Jan was interested in trying was the WTF Jump which involves going up a ladder to a platform 40 feet above the ground below and jumping off while attached to a bungy type cord which allows you to free fall for several feet before gradually slowing your descent to the ground. We really enjoyed the challenge and thrill of all the various aspects of Wild Play and we plan to visit one of their other parks which have more challenges like the primal swing and a 150 foot head first bungy jump. We recommend that you reserve ahead of time since they are very busy in the summer, especially on sunny days.  For more information see:
Jan jumping off the 40 foot What's to Fear platform


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