Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Sea kayaking and swimming at Comox Lake

by Keith and Heather Nicol
     On July 16, with wind warnings for Georgia Strait we decided to head to Comox Lake for some sea kayaking and swimming. We hadn’t been there since November 23, 2014 and this time around the lake had a completely different activity level. Back in late November we were the only people at the launch point and virtually the only people on the lake and now it was congestion city at the boat launch. 
There was lots of activity at the boat launch
      We shared the broad launch area with a canoe, 2 other kayaks and a power boat that were either landing or heading out. Actually everything ran smoothly and soon we were out on the lake with lots of other paddleboarders, power boats and even a couple of sail boats. We decided to head across to the other side to check out the beaches near the bridge.  It took us just 20 minutes to paddle over to the gravelly beaches and we had a stellar view of Comox Glacier and the surrounding mountains. Winds were light on the lake and the water was very warm so we paddled in our swim suits so that we could swim once we landed.  On our next trip to this area we plan to head further down the lake but given the great swimming we decided to linger on the shore instead. 
The Comox Glacier and surrounding mountains form a scenic backdrop to Comox Lake
    We recommend checking out Comox Lake when the ocean around Courtenay- Comox is windy since this area may not be affected. Of course another bonus is that you don’t have to consider the tide and the water is great for swimming during the summer. For anyone not familiar with this launch point - drive through the town of Cumberland and follow the Comox Lake signs. The boat launch is at Cumberland Lake Park (GPS coordinates - 10 U 0349475 E 5449247 N).  There is also a large beach area near the boat launch for swimming which is very popular in the summer. Be aware that Comox Lake is not always so placid, it can blow up so watch the weather and plan your route accordingly.
The beach at Cumberland Lake Park is also a great place to swim

Try Comox Lake when winds are strong on the ocean.

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