Saturday, 18 April 2015

Snowbirds in action over Comox- Part 2

by Keith and Heather Nicol
The Snowbirds over Comox
Saturday, April 18 was sunny and warm so we decided to check out the Snowbirds at Air Force Beach in Comox where they were practicing for their upcoming spring and summer airshows. Air Force Beach seems to be the spot to head to and when we got there we found few parking places left. There were families with young children armed with simple cell phone cameras as well as photo buffs with telephoto lenses as long as my arm. The Snowbirds put on a great show and the setting couldn’t have been better-the sandy beach below, glistening Georgia Strait and snow capped coast mountains in the distance. After the 40 minute Snowbird practice session, a lone pilot in a very fast and manoeuvrable CF 18 took to the air for solo show. Our previous blog has the times and dates of their remaining practice sessions so be sure to take one of them in this April.  For more info see:

We loved the pattern left by some of the flying sequences
The CF 18 can do some amazing stunts in the air
The beach is well worth exploring either before or after the show

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