Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Check out the Snowbirds at Air Force Beach in Comox

by Keith and Heather Nicol    
Although some people come with big lenses they are not needed
We had a treat on Wednesday April 15 when we took our friends (Martin and Molly Ware) from Newfoundland to Air Force Beach in Comox to see a practice session with the Snowbirds. The weather cooperated and we got to see some great flying. Coincidentally, we had met the Snowbirds in the Black Fin Restaurant the night before and we got a photo of Molly sitting with the pilots. Evidently they will fly twice daily weather permitting until April 29th. Here is the schedule for their practice sessions.

The Snowbirds have been here for a few days and will be practicing until 29 April.

Sunday to Wednesday
0940 – 1020 hrs
1430 – 1515 hrs
Thursday and Friday
0940 – 1020 hrs
1605 – 1645 hrs
0940 – 1020 hrs
1450 – 1535 hrs
Molly with some of the pilots
 Although we saw people with big telephoto lenses we got some good shots with a basic telephoto lens. However we did put it on action mode and clicked off lots of shots.We plan to get out again in different weather and lighting conditions.
Snowbirds over Comox

Snowbirds in tight formation

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