Monday, 9 July 2018

Getting ready for this year’s Vancouver Island MusicFest

By Keith and Heather Nicol
    Well, you still have time to get tickets to this year’s Vancouver Island MusicFest which is happening this weekend-July 13-15, 2018. The lineup looks as varied as past years and we are looking forward to seeing the wide range of performers that descend on Music Fest .  It looks like the weather will be warm and dry so attendees should be prepared for lots of sun. Be sure to bring your sunscreen and water bottle. We plan to head to shady venues when necessary and really appreciate the venues like the Crossroads and Woodland stage since they tend to be shady. 
The festival always seems to attract a large crowd
 We will be joined by my brother and his wife from Victoria who have been coming up to see MusicFest  for the last 3 years , ever since we moved to the Comox Valley.  And they have been encouraging their friends from Victoria to come up since they enjoy it so much. The festival truly attracts people from up and down Vancouver Island and beyond and it is right in our backyard.  What we really enjoy about the festival is that although the ‘name attractions’ are fun to see, we always find the unexpected performances from people we have never heard of to be one of our highlights. Piano player David Vest and singer Maria Dunn (and her band) were some of our favourites that come to mind from last year’s Music Fest.  We are still listening to CD’s we bought from them last year. 
It fun to see some big names like Bruce Cockburn from last year's MusicFest right in our backyard
 This year we are looking forward to seeing Arlo Guthrie,  Ry Cooder, Dustbowl Revival as well as Celtic musicians Step Crew and Quistina Brooke among many others. For people that want more information and to buy tickets see:    See you there!
David Vest was one of our highlight performers from last year


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