Saturday, 27 January 2018

The 27th Annual World Community Film Fest is coming up in Courtenay

By Keith and Heather Nicol
    A couple of days ago we picked up a copy of the 27th Annual World Community Film Festival  (WCFF) newspaper at the Sid Williams Theatre box office in Courtenay and began to have a look at what films we want to check out for this year. Since we moved to the Comox Valley 3.5 years ago we have taken in the WCFF every year and this year’s lineup looks impressive again.  The WCFF runs February 2 and 3 this year so it is right around the corner and will take place at the Sid Williams Theatre, the Native Sons Hall and the Florence Filberg Centre.  The committee has selected over 30 films dealing with various social justice and environmental issues and some are as local as “Link Arms with Us” dealing with fish farming along the BC coast and “Vancouver: No fixed address” whose topic is pretty much self explanatory.  On the other end of the geographic spectrum are films like “The Silent Land” which takes place in Cambodia and deals with how small scale family farms are being taken over by large industrial farming operations. There is even a set of films for children which look interesting for kids of all ages.  
The World Community Film Fest attracts a large following
Since there are 4 venues showing films at the same time you can’t possibly see all the films but the good news is that if you join the World Community you can view the films you didn’t see by borrowing them from the film library at the Bayside Café opposite the Driftwood Mall in Courtenay. There will also be a Saturday bazaar in the Upper Filberg Hall in Courtenay which is central to where the films are being shown. Entry to the bazaar is free and the film festival admission is either $40 for the weekend or you can buy a daily pass for the Friday night feature film ($14) or all day Saturday ($26). You can order tickets on line at: There is even a closing banquet for just $22. This year the meal will be a vegetarian feast with dishes from Morrocco, Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries. All in all it looks to be a great weekend with films that will inspire as well as raise awareness of what we need to change in the world around us.  For more information on the World Community see: www.worldcommunity .ca 
The bazaar is a chance to get a bite to eat and visit some of the booths that are set up


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