Monday, 18 December 2017

The Marine Conservation Atlas for Hornby Island would make a fine Christmas gift

  by Keith and Heather Nicol  
If you are looking for a useful last minute Christmas gift for that person that loves to visit Hornby Island then have a look at the Marine Conservation Atlas that has just been produced by the Hornby Island Conservancy. This colourful 30 page atlas presents information of a variety of topics from seabirds to herring to marine mammals and where they might be seen in the waters or coastal areas of Hornby Island.  The Atlas costs just $20 each and add $3 for postage if you are wanting to order it. Copies can be obtained by contacting : For more information on the Hornby Island Conservancy see the following web site: 
This spiral bound Atlas is a perfect gift for anyone that loves Hornby Island

Heather kayaking along the low cliffs at Helliwell Park
   We have spent many days on Hornby Island since we moved to the Comox Valley 3 years ago  and the Marine Conservation Atlas is one way to learn more about it. Be sure to check it out. Hornby Island is a special place
and we love sea kayaking around its shores and walking the scenic Helliwell Park trail along the shore. That is a trail you can do over and over again and never tire of the amazing views and interesting and varied vegetation. While sea kayaking we have seen orcas up close as well as seals and sea birds. There is more information about sea kayak launch points in some of our previous posts- just type “Hornby Island sea kayaking” in the search bar at the top left of this page.
Orcas off of Flora Island

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