Friday, 27 October 2017

Exploring the Fall Colours in Mack Laing Park-Macdonald Wood Park in Comox

 by Keith and Heather Nicol
     On Wednesday, October 25 we decided to explore out the fall colours in the Macdonald Wood Park-Mack Laing Park area of the city of Comox. With the period of sunny fall weather holding we were on a quest to see the fall colours in a number of places in the Comox Valley. This trail is nice because it follows a loop and explores a number of different habitats. We parked on Balmoral Ave at a small 3 car parking area at coordinates 49 40.431 N, 124 54.569 W. From there we entered Macdonald Wood Park and walked toward the ocean. Once at the ocean there is a very pleasant board walk with nice benches and an interpretative sign placed there by Project Watershed. Evidently this area of the foreshore is composed of a large midden indicating that the local First Nations have used this area from 1000 BC onward. The board walk is sheltered by trees and this spot is worth knowing about even if you just come down to sit on the benches and look out at Comox Harbour.

Heather reading the Project Watershed interpretative sign
From the end of the board walk the “trail” follows the coastline and after 200 meters heads back into the forest at Mack Laing’s old house. There are large signs that interpret various aspects of Mack Laing Park and the trail follows scenic Brooklyn Creek. The fall colours are good along Brooklyn Creek but not as spectacular as the ones at Millard Creek we had walked a few days earlier. The trail winds toward Balmoral Ave where a set of stairs brings you to the road. From there we walked back to our car. The total loop is about 2.5 km and suited to a wide range of walkers. This route makes a pleasant walk and we recommend it for its variety of habitats. 

The colours along Brooklyn Creek are prime at the moment

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