Thursday, 20 July 2017

Sea kayaking around Goose Spit in Comox, B.C.

By Keith and Heather Nicol
Heather launching from the sandy beach
     Goose Spit is a popular walking, campfire, standup paddle board and sea kayak destination in the Comox Valley of Vancouver Island. The sandy – gravelly spit stretches over 2 km into Comox Harbour and we usually launch on the lagoon side since the carry to the water is relatively short especially on a high tide. My brother and sister in law were visiting for MusicFest and had brought their kayaks with them from Victoria. They had not paddled in this area before so since high tide was in the middle of the day on July 18 we decided to pack a lunch and go for a paddle.  A real bonus of this area is that it is protected on the lagoon side so on days when it is abit windy and wavy on the outside this provides a good place to kayak. Also the views of the Comox Glacier are outstanding.  

Mary Ellen paddling past sailboats with the Comox Glacier in the background
  We paddled around the end of the spit and part way along the south side of the spit before turning around and heading back to the sandy section near the tip of the spit where we pulled out and had lunch. The view of the Comox Glacier is directly ahead and it was a popular place to come into shore and we saw 2 other groups of kayakers doing the same thing. Goose Spit is the perfect place to go if you are just getting into kayaking since there are lots of places to pull in and the water is generally quite flat. To get to Goose Spit take Hawkins Road and there is lots of parking along the lagoon side. 
The end of the spit provides many places to pull in and have lunch

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