Saturday, 16 July 2016

Hike the "Pub to Pub" trail along the Oyster River

by Keith and Heather Nicol
      On July 11, 2016 we decided to check out the “Pub to Pub” trail which starts along the Oyster River, roughly half way between Courtenay and Campbell River on Vancouver Island. It a scenic trail with both river and ocean/beach views and if you like you can drop into a pub at the start or at the end of your hike. Since the trail is just 3.5 km (1 way) it is suited to a variety of options. If you have young children or walkers that would find 7 km too long a hike, you could park a car at each end and just make the 1 way trip. 
Mary Ellen has a look at the tall trees near the start of the trail
     We started in Courtenay with my brother Bruce and his wife Mary Ellen in tow and we drove north along highway 19 A. Keep an eye out for the Oyster River bridge since you want to turn right on the next road (Glenmore Road).  Then travel one roughly 1 block and then turn left on Regent and almost immediately park in the parking lot with a sign Oyster River Nature Park. The parking lot coordinates are 10 U 0347166E 5526405N. Then follow the Ferguson Trail which is well signed and easy to walk on. After about 1 km you reach the ocean and from there you follow the Jack Hames Trail to Salmon Point.
Heather walks along the ocean trail
   From there the trail winds along the upper part of the beach and through the trees giving fine views of Georgia Strait and mountains beyond. There are even some picnic tables along the way for anyone wanting a scenic place to have lunch. Sometimes the trail separates into 2 trails and there seemed to be some new cedar shavings placed down on part of the trail just above the beach. After about 1 hour we came out to Salmon Point Resort RV Park and Restaurant and the trail’s end.  Our GPS showed that we had walked about 3.5 km. We fully recommend this trail since it offers scenic ocean views and can be walked by a wide variety of people. Check it out on your next trip to this area.

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