Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Sea kayaking from Ford’s Cove to Shingle Spit on Hornby Island

by Keith and Heather Nicol
Weaving through fallen rocks from the cliffs above
On Sunday, September 6 we had overcast skies to start with so we opted for a later afternoon paddle   The coordinates are: 10 U 0378706E 5484022N for those handy with a GPS.  Again if you want a short carry try to launch when the tide is high which is what we did.
on this day. We thought that it might be fun to explore beneath the steep slopes of the Mt Geoffrey Escarpment from Ford’s Cove to Shingle Point where the ferry from Denman Island comes in. This is a fairly short distance (2.7 km – 1 way) so would suit an impromptu paddle or on day when strong NE winds would make this area the most protected on the island. We set off from a rough boat launch but the up side was that the carry was short. There is a marina here as well which means that the boat launch is well protected from wave action.
Paddling beneath the Escarpment
     We hugged the rugged shore line on the way out and in some places could weave between the large boulders that have tumbled down from the cliff above.  Some of the hardwood trees were already changing colour-more likely from the dry summer conditions than the cooler days of fall. Another nice aspect of this paddle is that you can see Denman Island across Lambert Channel and the Beaufort Range looms in the background. Thirty five minutes later we arrived at Shingle Spit and noted another good put in/take out at a boat launch next to the ferry terminal. On our return we opted to paddle off shore to check out Maude Reef and it had several seals resting it. You can also see Chrome Island Lighthouse just off of Denman Island and this would make another fine destination from Ford’s Cove. 
          Mary Ellen and Bruce paddling past Maude Reef with some seals looking on  


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