Thursday, 21 May 2015

Sea kayaking from Royston to Kingfisher Oceanside Resort with the Comox Valley Paddlers

by Keith and Heather Nicol  
  On Wednesday evening May 20 we joined the Comox Valley Paddlers (CVP) for a trip from the Royston waterfront to Kingfisher Oceanside Resort. We had just joined the CVP and this was our first outing with this group. Overall we had about 20 people on the water and although most were in sea kayaks there was also a canoe and a foot peddle style kayak which we had not seen before. We put in around 6:30 pm  but just prior to launching we were given a quick briefing about the trip and that if we had time on our return from Kingfisher Oceanside Resort we might try paddling up the Trent River. The weather was perfect with just a light breeze and our convoy of paddlers headed south along the shore. Before long someone shouted “Orca” and there is the distance was the distinct fin of a killer whale. This attracted everyone’s attention and we all swung our kayaks around to check it out. But it that was the last we saw of it! 
All eyes are on the Orca
     We paddled just past Kingfisher Lodge and then turned back toward the Trent River.  By now the tide was high and we were able to ascend to just past the highway bridge before shallow water forced the end of that side trip. We paddled back to our launch point just as the sun was setting! Overall it was a great introduction to the paddling club and we were struck by how friendly everyone was. For more information on the Comox Valley Paddlers see: and on their web page they have a listing of their summer paddling schedule. Check it out. 
The night was perfect for paddling

We ended with a short paddle up the narrow Trent River

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