Monday, 31 March 2014

Level 1 Cross Country Ski Instructor Course held in Stephenville and Corner Brook

Level 1 participants practicing diagonal stride
by Keith and Heather Nicol

  A CANSI (Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors) Level 1 course was held in Stephenville (Saturday) and Corner Brook (Sunday) over the weekend of March 29 -30, 2014. CANSI is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario and has a mandate to promote a cross country ski instructor training system across the country. CANSI has members in all provinces and territories and has 4 Levels of cross country ski instructors. A CANSI Level 1 course is designed to be an intro to cross country ski instruction and it shows potential instructors how to teach basic classic, skate and hill technique. The course looks at the CANSI progression in how to teach techniques like diagonal stride, double pole, 1 skate and snowplow turns as well as how to detect and correct common skiing errors. For instance, if a new skier comes to a ski club in Newfoundland and wants to learn how to safety descend a hill or learn how to skate or classic ski, a CANSI certified instructor is trained to demonstrate the correct technique. CANSI instructors also learn a variety of exercises and drills to help skiers to be able to ski more efficiently and hence enjoy the sport more. Here are some comments from this most recent course:
Thanks, Keith.  Enjoyed the course and learned a lot - especially learned
how much I have to learn!  Doug

Had a great time and learned lots - not only about sking but also about teaching physical education. Thank you for putting on the course - it is great to learn from the best. Mark

A really great experience. Want to thank Keith for all his patience and commitment to making us better instructors (and better skiers). Shawn

If you like cross country skiing and would like to help others enjoy the sport then you should consider taking a CANSI Level 1 course. Contact Keith Nicol for more information about CANSI or to book at course at
Kate Edwards practice teaching during the Level 1 course

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