Friday, 17 January 2014

Tips for improving your intermediate christie on cross country skis

by Keith and Heather Nicol
Photo 1- start from a snowplow position
     As a skier gains speed on downhill sections of a cross country ski trail there is often a need to learn how to make a skidded turn. This involves learning how to stay balanced while steering both feet through the turn.  It is easiest to learn how to make a skidded turn from the familiar snowplow position (photo 1). Once you reach the fall line begin to steer the uphill ski parallel to the lower ski (see photo 2) to allow the skis to skid through the final portion of the turn (see photo 3).   The key to this turn is not to rush it and it really helps to have your weight on the outside ski so that the inner ski can easily be steered to match the lower ski. I often have skiers drag their outside pole to force their body over the outside ski.  Another common problem is having your arms by your sides, instead think about having your arms out and forward for balance. It also helps to gradually rise up between turns and gradually flex the ankles, knees and hips through the turn. Try not to rush each turn but instead focus on making each turn as round as possible. Thanks to Rossignol ( for their continued support of these blogs and  videos. 
photo 2- Gradually pivot the uphill ski parallel to the outside ski

Photo 3- Finish with a skidded turn with skis parallel

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