Monday, 24 June 2013

Exploring the Florenceville Hartland area of New Brunswick

by Keith and Heather Nicol
Learn about the potato at Potato World

When we travel we like to stay at new places and explore new landscapes. As we headed into New Brunswick from our wine sampling tour of Quebec we decided to change the theme and swap wine for potatoes for a day. So what better place to do this than Florenceville-Bristol located in East Central New Brunswick just off the Trans Canada Highway. The Tannaghtyn Bed and Breakfast ( had come highly recommended and it turned out to be one of the best Bed and Breakfast locations we have ever stayed in. It didn’t hurt that the weather was stellar for our arrival-billowing cumulus clouds surrounded by a deep blue sky. The 4 star Tannaghtyn Bed and Breakfast is positioned on a large lot overlooking the St. John River and we sat in the B and B’s colourful Muskoka chairs drinking in the vista of river, forest and field. Our huge bedroom faced both the river and back garden and was very well appointed. If you find yourself in this part of New Brunswick, make a point at staying at Tannaghtyn Bed and Breakfast.

Tannaghtyn Bed and Breakfast has an amazing setting
Covered Bridge Potato Chip Factory offers fresh chips
Tannaghtyn owner Ruth Giberson told us that the next day we should visit the local art gallery and the potato museum. “You know we are the French fry capitol of the world”. Also Reader’s Digest  has named this community as one of the 10 places that every Canadian should visit this year! Potato World ( is well worth a visit to learn about the potato and its place in New Brunswick and specifically the Florenceville -Bristol area. Tammy Fowler, our guide, told us that 1 in 3 french fries served every day in the world are from a McCain’s plant and that many are produced right here at the plant in Florenceville.  We also visited the Andrew and Laura McCain Art Gallery
( and enjoyed a wide selection of locally produced art. Still on the potato theme we visited the Covered Bridge Potato Chip Factory ( ) in nearby Hartland, home of the world’s longest covered bridge. All too often people whiz by this part of New Brunswick on the Trans Canada Highway but you can easily spend a day here exploring. For more information on New Brunswick tourism see:   
Hartland has the longest covered bridge in the world


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