Thursday, 6 October 2011

Fall Hiking in the Humber Valley, Newfoundland

by Keith and Heather Nicol
      The Corner Brook-Humber Valley area of Western Newfoundland has some of the best autumn foliage in the province due the extensive stands of birch as well as colourful maples in many places. One of our favourite trails to hike is on the International Appalachian Trail from Humber Village to Barry's Lookout.
The trailhead coordinates are: 48 59.262 N and 57 47.001 W. If you don’t have a GPS you should drive to Humber Village and turn left on Maple and then left again on Pine. Drive down Pine and you will see a gate which is often unlocked but you can park near the gate or proceed to a nearby Aliant building with a small parking lot that is often available. Walk down the road a short distance and the trail begins on your right.The open birch forest is magical to walk through and be sure to bring a camera for the views from Barry's Lookout. The will take about 45 minutes to reach the top and it is abit over 1.5 km one way.
The view looking east from Barry's Lookout

      Another favourite spot to hike is on the ski slopes at Marble Mountain. Many of the ski slopes have trails on them that you can walk and as you climb the views get better and better. We usually park in the main ski area parking lot and simply walk up one of the runs under the high speed quad chairlift. Your destination depends on how energetic you feel. The views are great from the top but are also fine part way up. 
The view overlooking the Humber River from the slopes of Marble Mtn.


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